Orietta Matarazzo


Surcanapé label, an Italian fabric producer which has been implemental in the history of decoration and specialized in the distribution of classic luxury textiles for almost 30 years.


In 2014 the brand was took over by the Group MCA. Orietta Matarazzo after graduating in Architecture from Milan’s Polytechnic and acquiring twenty years of experience in the company, she is now president and CEO of  MCA Spa.
Orietta Matarazzo decided to rise to the challenge of helping the Made in Italy by taking over the label.


Since then, Orietta has applied enthusiasm and determination to the project and has brought in the designer Andrea Dall’Olio, entrusting to him the company’s stylistic inheritance and the collection’s artistic direction.


Andrea Dall’Olio, creator and passionate designer, explains his creative visions thought the color, the material and the pattern. The color, his vital need, became the ever-present sign in all his creations, from interior design to fashion.


The Company has its headquarter in Meda near Milan historical location upholstery industry.

  • Surcanapè Showroom Piazza della Scala
  • Surcanapè Showroom Via Verdi Milano
  • Surcanapè Showroom Milano
  • Showroom Surcanapè Piazza della Scala
  • Showroom Surcanapè Via Verdi Milano
  • Showroom Surcanapè Milano


Located in the heart of Italy’s fashion and design capital, the showroom in Piazza della Scala, Via Verdi, looks onto the street through two large windows. Inside, the 70-metre floor space features cherry panelling and warm-colored walls.


A comfortable setting, Milanese-style, where one can choose fabrics and study the right matches between jacquard, damask, brocade, liseré, lampas and velvet.



Via Verdi, 5 - 20121 Milano - Piazza della Scala
Telephone + 39 0362 3971
Showroom opening time:

from 10.30 a.m. - till 6.00 p.m. From Tuesday - till Friday